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Here at Local Pharmacy, we understand the healthcare issues that rural families and their communities face. Local Pharmacy is a rural healthcare business which is owned and operated by Birdwood Health Beauty in Adelaide Hills. This is a Dublin Pharmacy service that has the ability to support the rural communities in South Australia. Our mission is to spread our services to all rural areas of Australia and offer suitable medical care to the communities. Our main office is located at Shop 5, 20 Shannon Street, Birdwood SA 5234. We provided exceptional standards of pharmacy healthcare to the local communities. For the last few years, we have been playing a role in offering a wide range of healthcare services to our clients. We aim to develop a strong bond with our clients and offer heath care tips at every stage of their lives.

Dublin Pharmacy


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How Dublin Pharmacy Can Help You

Since we stepped into this industry, we have been spreading our services consistently to different areas and have been able to provide healthcare to many rural communities in South Australia. We provide many services to our rural patients such as specialist order service, medicine usage reviews, home deliveries, heath check screenings, daily monitored dose drug packaging, late night dispensing, and much more.  For the ease and comfort of our patients, we visit them in their areas and provide Dublin Pharmacy supplies in a timely fashion, at reasonable prices. We are playing a great role in bringing dispensing services to patients including drug dispensing along with advice, once you have consulted with your health care professional. Our services and professionals are available to provide healthcare advice at any given time. We will always be happy to help and want to provide our services to you. The staff at Local Pharmacy take pride in the service that they provide to the Dublin community.

Local Pharmacy for Your Dublin Pharmacy Provider

Local Pharmacy offer their services to rural communities in South Australia such as Dublin. We are seeking to contribute socially through our services and are an option for Dublin pharmacy goods. To ensure of the best quality service we aim on using appropriate ingredients and providing timely service to our customers. The staff take pride in what they do at Local Pharmacy and aim to fulfil all of our customers’ needs. We are a known firm and have the ability to provide reasonably priced services to Dublin. Our policy is to not charge for those orders sent to the areas local depot and for those orders completed online, we strive to have them delivered to the designated location within 48 hours. Through this policy, we have been able to reduce the overall cost and time taken to deliver pharmaceutical goods to rural areas. In addition to the delivery of pharmacy goods, we also provide basic health care tips about how to control various conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes in the most effective way.

Reasonably Priced Healthcare Service for Dublin Pharmacy

Local Pharmacy is an option for Dublin pharmacy goods. We provide our patients with the advice in regards monitor their health and will provide services at a reasonable price.